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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Green 6.2

Last Monday I did not think I would get to run this 10K.  By Wednesday night I was convinced I could if Drew was on board with my plan.  Thankfully , he was, but while running I was wishing he had said no!

Off I went at 6:15am Saturday morning to drive to the race.  This kids were scheduled to run the Kids 1K, but there was a conflict with Samuel's soccer schedule.  So, no go for them, but it was a go for me.  I arrived with plenty of time to use the lovely port-o-pots that had hand washing stations.  I was so impressed.  I ate my banana and ran some to get my legs in gear. 

I find it challenging to know where to line up at a race.  I am not going to win so the first two or three rows are a definite no.  After that it is hard to know.  I don't want to go out too fast which I do way too often.  This time my decision was so off.  I was probably a quarter of the way and I had way too much slow running before I could get up to pace.  I was really discouraged by this because for me I waste a lot of mental and physical energy. 

It was a hot sunny day and I was concerned about hitting my goal of sub 50 minutes.  I don't run well in warm weather and add humidity and I am doomed.  That was Saturday.  Hot, humid, sunny and minimal wind to cool things a bit.  Thankfully the first 2-3 miles were along tree lined streets and there was good shade! 

My pace for the first four miles was very consistent.  I was super pleased, but could feel the end of success.  I was getting overheated and I did not have water with me.  There were only two water stations.  At both I dumped more on me than I drank.    The last two plus miles were mostly in the sun and the race became more of a mental battle than a physical battle.

I was having trouble breathing.  Humidity always causes me to wheeze so I had to give in and walk.  I decided I would rather quickly catch my breath than run super slow.  I thought this would be the quicker solution and I think it was.  I walked four times for about 20 seconds each to catch my breath.  Who knows.  Maybe I should have run slower.

I knew about 5 miles in it was not going to happen.  There was no way I would break 50 minutes and I made peace with that at that moment.  I was just too hot to care.  I don't remember any of my music.  I barely remember the last mile of the run.  Thinking about it now I believe I was too hot!!  After the race I learned of several people that needed treatment on the course and as they finished.  It was just hot!

With about a half mile to go the Houston half marathon pacer passed me and I was so mad.  That motivated me to give all I had left, which was not much, for the last part of the race. I finished about three seconds behind her and managed to qualify for the race.  I don't even know if I want to run it, but I have a little while to decide. 

My official time was 50:26.  My garmin was 6.39 for 50:20.  Someday I might figure out how to run the tangents well and be close to the race distance.

So, this was my third 10K and I don't know why I keep running them.  I don't pace them well AT ALL!  I can't figure how to manage the sprint with a longer distance well.  I just don't do 10K's well.  But, it is like a bad car wreck. You look when you know you should look away.  Still I have this strange desire to run another one.  What is wrong with me?!

The one thing I did learn/decide is that I will line up in row 5 of people.  I believe I have enough race etiquette to stay out of the way of the faster runners.  I also would rather be passed than have to weave around slower people.   In shorter races not being able to start at pace is such a detriment. 

I also learned that I want to get better, faster, and stronger.  Despite despising this distance, I want to conquer it!


  1. Dont get discouraged! I think you can blow your goal out of the water if the conditions are better. You were so close! Congrats on a tough race.

  2. Good job on a tough race! You've been doing great training runs, so I know you will be able to hit your goals! Your running has been very inspiring to me... thanks for sharing!