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Monday, May 14, 2012

And the diagnosis is....

Last Tuesday Jonah came home from school telling me he had a headache.  He never complains of headaches so clue #1 something was wrong.   He did not eat much of his after school snack.  Jonah usually wants three snacks when he gets home from school so clue #2.  He prepared to go to gymnastics because he said he could go.  Then, I felt his forehead because Jonah just did not look right.   Oh, a fever because a mom's hand knows!

It has been all downhill from that moment.  Jonah made himself at home on the couch and rested or slept most of last week.  His fever was as high as 103+ several times and he was hardly without a fever for three days.  I finally took him to the doctor on Friday.  I resisted until then because all he had was a fever.  However, by Thursday night he had a horrible cough.  Maybe he had strep.   Now I wish that was what he had.   

The strep test was negative.  So was the flu test.  The mono test was positive.  WHAT!!??  How on earth did Jonah get mono?  Of course, mono is a virus so there is no special cure.  One can only treat the symptoms which for Jonah is a horrible fever. 

On Mother's Day Jonah looked like himself for a few moments during the day.  Hope!!  Again the fever returned at dinner.  Frustration again for me and him!  Jonah missed school again today...four days absent. 

I am tired of seeing this face on my couch. I hate knowing he feels so miserable and I hate that there is not much I can do to make him better. 

I am ready for this face to return.  I am ready for his energy and zest for everything to be back!  I miss my Jonah!!  We all do!


  1. Oh no!! I'm sorry your Jonah has been under the weather. I hope things start to turn around and he feels back to normal very soon!

    BTW- your new background picture is PRECIOUS!!! It makes me want to try that with my 4 soon! Yours are a little older than mine though so I may have to wait another year. I don't think my youngest would hold that pose more than 1 second!

  2. Thank you..I entitled it the "squished" picture!