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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You know when you write a paper or paint a wall, it is hard to see the obvious.  The missed comma or the brush strokes don't pop out.  When you think too much about something, it often times becomes harder, scarier, more daunting than it really is. 

The same is true about my little people.  Friends and family will say something about my kids that make me think "huh"!  Sometimes it is really refreshing to step back and look at things and people in a different a different if through new eyes.

Lately I have been observing strange similarities about my little people.  No, I have not been away and returned with fresh eyes.  I have just been really trying to be in the moment and focus on my little people when I am with them.  This is what I have discovered.

I have four children....Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena.  They are all approximately two years apart so I don't have any twins.  However, I swear sometimes, and more recently, that they are twins.  Not the girls and the boys, but Emma and Jonah vs. Samuel and Elena. 

Emma and Jonah are both tall and lanky...both so skinny.  Samuel and Elena are more solid.

Samuel and Elena both love music.  Emma and Jonah do as well, but I would not say it is part of their souls like the other two.

Emma and Jonah both like to please others.  They are rule followers.  Samuel and Elena are going to cause Drew and I great stress in the years to come.  They are both so devilish!

Samuel and Elena love to wear sunglasses.  Emma and Jonah are indifferent.

Emma and Jonah could spend all day watching tv or playing on the computer.  Samuel and Elena would rather be outside getting dirty.

Emma and Jonah like to be entertained.  Samuel and Elena can self entertain all day long!

Since I have been really focusing on my babies, I swear I realize a crazy similarity each day.  I love it.   It is also very strange.

Some of these similarities are harmless like the sunglasses observation.  However, some like the love for music could pigeon hole them if I let that thought rule my actions.  No matter how much I may think I know something about one of my babies, it may change.  Things change over time and people certainly grow and change. 

So who knows what the future will bring.  What I do know is that it is fun to take note of these things now and just wonder. 

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