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Sunday, May 6, 2012

It is swim time!!

It has been hot here for weeks already.  I am talking 85-90 degree hot and humid.  Some days it feels like last June.  I worry about how miserable this summer may be and it makes me thankful to be spending most of it on the East Coast.

With the weather being so hot and it being Cinco de Mayo...a big deal in Texas...we partied. We went to my friend's house and celebrated with swimming, tacos, and margaritas!  Sometimes living in Texas has it perks!!

The kids had a blast swimming.  Susanne and her family have an amazing back yard and a lovely pool.  The food was yummy and so were the drinks. 

They also had pinatas which was so fun.  They took forever to break, but when they did it was a mad dash for candy.    Elena was too busy to participate because she found a baby.  After that discovery there was no more swimming for her.  That girls loves her babies!

It was very fun!  The kids were super tired from all the swimming and playing!  I am so ready for summer!!  I think everyone is!

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  1. We put up our pool yesterday and my kids spent all day in it today. 'Tis the season! I love me some pool time