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Friday, May 4, 2012

Field Day part 2

Today was day number 2 of field day activities and it was Emma's turn.  Elena and I went to watch and support her.  Thankfully, it was really hot and sunny again because what is more fun than standing in the sun watching for an hour (note sarcasm!)

Again, we were blessed with high school volunteers helping run the stations.    And, it was nice that some of the stations were different from yesterday.  There were lots of relay activities for the younger kids and today's activities involved some more thinking about the activity.  Of course, I did not get any pictures at those stations because the kids were moving too fast!

Running the obstacle course

I loved watching this station.  It was so funny seeing the kids bounce on these things!
Emma and two of her friends at the Popsicle station
At the "pass an object over your head and run relay" station
The sponge throwing station...she got nailed one time!
Elena was less than happy to be back again today.  I took lollipops to help pass the time.  We lasted over an hour so I am thinking that was a good move!

Emma had a fun day and was hot and tired!  I am thankful I can watch these school activities, but also thankful it is over until next year!

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  1. As always, great pictures!! :-) I love field days! Brings back good memories from when I was in elementary school. My kids haven't had field days yet but I'm looking forward to when they do!