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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Making lemonade out of big lemons!

This morning I woke up too early and set off on my 7 mile run.  2.3 miles later I was home and completely sad, worried, and frustrated.  My hip hurt so much that I could not run. It was just too painful.   My hip has been feeling good so I was also completely caught off guard by all the pain.  Where did it come from and why now?

I was in a total funk and knew I could not be a total crappy mom just because my hip hurt.  So, I did two things.  One, I decided to make a doctor's appointment and I go next Tuesday.  I will not run until at least Sunday.  I must be pain free.  This hip must get fixed!

Two, I decided we...that being Samuel, Elena, and I...needed to play outside today.  It was too nice to stay inside pouting about my hip.  So, I loaded their bikes in the van and off we went.

There is a very fun park with old school equipment that the kids love.  It has new stuff too, but it is funny to me that all the "dangerous" stuff that I played on as a child is what they love as well.  There are the three uneven bars, the spinner/merry go round thing, a crazy spider climbing thing, and the parallel bars.  It is total fun.  And, there is a mile long winding path where the kids can safely ride their bikes.

For 90 minutes we played, ate, rode bikes, and played some more.  It was a great way to spend the morning!  The spinner thing was definitely a favorite.  It made me dizzy and nervous to watch them, but they had no fear!

Elena cannot ride her bike very well.  She can reach the pedals and she pedals for a few seconds.  That makes for a long bike ride so I basically pushed her in that standing from behind position that ruins a back.  It was worth it because she was having so much fun!  Samuel loved being the leader for a change!

The spinny thing!

She was happy despite the look on her face!
Can we please go in?
This girl loves to swing and to go high!

Samuel mastered running in circles and jumping on when it was spinning fast enough!
Elena could not jump on, but she sure could get it spinning.
Let's go eat lunch!

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  1. Oh no!! Hope your hip heals up! What a great way to adjust your attitude and your day. Thanks for the reminder and the example! :)