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Friday, May 18, 2012

Samuel sings

At Samuel's preschool there is a Christmas show and an end of the year show.  At Christmas time Samuel stood on stage with his arms crossed and a big scowl on his face.  He sang maybe two words.  It was actually hilarious!

Last night was his end of the year show.  We talked some during the week about perhaps singing this time.  Since he had practiced so much with his class, I tried to convince him to sing.

Well, let me just say that he sang like a crazy fool!  We could hear him and he sounded beautiful.  His class sang a silly song entitled "A tutti ta" (not sure of the spelling).  The song is funny because of the words and the motions.  Drew and I were so proud of him.  It was also obvious that Samuel was proud of himself too!

I also happen to think he looked quite handsome in his Hawaiian shirt!

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  1. love it, reminds me of Jack at his performances!