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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Samuel-Mommy Date Knight

Tonight Samuel and I had a date.  Poor Jonah was supposed to go as well, but he continues to be quite sick. 
My dear sick Jonah
At 5:45 Samuel rang the doorbell to pick me up for our date.  After some pictures, we headed for Chick Fil A.  I drove, of course, since Samuel is still a little young!
Me and Samuel...he picked out all my bracelets for me to wear tonight!
One of our favorite Chick Fil A's was holding a mother son date Knight!  I had to make reservations.  Upon arriving Samuel was asked to select his Knight name, which was Sir Teeter of Totter!  Our arrival was announced and we were seated by our waiter who brought us a menu...all the usual stuff.... and took our order.

On the table, was a crest to be colored by Samuel.  He selected Fish as our family crest because he liked it.  I thought it suited our family well since Fish was described as "energetic---constantly battling the currents, the fish is fast and full of life!"  
Samuel holding our family Fish Crest, which is a rainbow fish!
There were suggested conversation starters which I asked Samuel.  His answers were funny!
Samuel would you rather have super strength or the ability to fly?---"oh I want to be really strong!"

Samuel would you rather be a spider or an elephant?---"a spider" to which I asked why.  "Because I want to make webs all over people!"  Gross!

Samuel would you rather never eat candy or ice cream again?---"ice cream because I like candy better!"

Samuel would you rather live on the moon or in the ocean?---"in the ocean so I can swim with the fish."

And my personal favorite, Samuel would you rather wear a clown nose or shoes to school?---"shoes so I can kick people with them!"  Nice!  We chatted about that a little!
After dinner we had to have dessert and we decided to try the new chocolate chip cookie sundae.  It was okay.  The milkshakes are way better!
Samuel was still really happy when it came and was also very silly!
After dinner there was an official "Knighting" ceremony.  A pledge was read before all the boys were officially declared Knights!  Samuel was beyond himself excited.  There was also a "real" Knight talking with the boys about Knighthood!  Samuel was a little afraid of him.  I will admit that he looked quite Knight-like in his costume.    
Samuel with his official certificate of bravery!
The final event of the date was each boy received a flower to give to his mom.  That made my night to have Samuel give me a flower with such a great big smile on his face!

Samuel told me that he had fun with me, but I needed to stop calling it a date.  Again I asked why, which I should really learn to just go with it!  Samuel said because "saying it is a date is really freaking me out!"

Well, freaking him out or not, it was a special time with Samuel and I enjoyed our DATE!

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