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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial day weekend in pictures

Our weekend was filled with lots of water activities.  I see no reason to do anything else when it is 90 degrees outside and we all love to swim!  Sunday was swimming at our friend's house.  These pictures were all taken before Jonah got hurt.

A safe crazy jump!
Monday I decided we should play with soft sided pools...aka baby pools!  Even at age 8 and 6 Jonah and Emma still like the little backyard pools.

This pool has sprinklers on the side which the boys thought made good fire hoses!
A little picnic lunch
It is so deep that Samuel had to hold his breath...hilarious!

Emma is bigger than the slide, but still thought this was fun.

Joy in the simple things!

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  1. Great pictures - looks like a fun weekend in the sun!