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Friday, May 11, 2012

Moms and Muffins

Preschool is the best age.  I just love all the activities that are fun at this age.  Things seem so simple and they are generally easy to please.  A little paper, some crayons, glue, play dough, cars, a ball, and babies make preschoolers so happy!  What more do they need?

I also love Preschool!  What a wonderful respite for me.  I can dash around like crazy to get all or some or most of my mommy tasks finished so I can be a MOM when my babies are home.  Emma, Jonah, and now Samuel have attended preschool at the ELCP (Early Learning Center Preschool) at our church.  It is a wonderful, loving, small program that focusing on learning, socializing, fun, and more fun.  It is a perfect match for my kids and our family.

Today was one of my favorite days at the ELCP....Moms and Muffins!  Samuel's class hosted a little breakfast for the moms and then we receive the best gift...this book!
Samuel was so proud to give it to me!
It is a picture and art work book of Samuel's year at school!  What a blessing to have this book made for me and filled with little sweet things that Samuel made....just LOVE!
Ms. Alma, Ms. Cassie, and Samuel
I can't believe that next year Samuel will be in pre-K...where does time go?

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  1. What a neat looking book - and muffins sound good too! I am also a big fan of the preschool age. Everything is just so simple yet so much fun.