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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Assistance Ministries 5K

After last weekend's horrible 10K I felt like I needed a redemption race.  I personally think this is a bad reason to run a race.  What if the second race is bad as well?  Still, I felt like I had something to prove to myself.   With it still being crazy hot I also had to come to terms with how another race would go.  I knew it would not be my best.  It is just too hot.  Considering all that I still wanted to race and Drew was okay with my plan.  This was huge because it meant he was in charge of getting everyone ready for soccer alone for the second week in a row.

Another big reason I decided to race was so I could run with Team 2:10.  This is a running group at the boot camp I occasionally attend.  Team 2:10 is based on verse Ephesians 2:10 "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."  I enjoy being with these ladies so that was a bonus for me.  And, finally the charity is awesome.  Filling up a food bank and helping a ministry that benefits families in need...awesome!

So with the decision made to run, I had to decide what my racing goal would be.  I knew getting a PR was not going to happen.  It was going to be too hot.  After much thought I decided I wanted all my miles to be well paced and all under 7:30 minute miles.  I thought this would be quite doable and I was ready to run. 

The 5K was literally 10 minutes from the house.  I did not have to wake early.  My morning was almost normal.  I arrived about an hour before the race so I could get warmed-up and meet up with everyone. 

Team 2:10 and few friends!
This is a super small race.  This is only the 4th year and 131 people ran today.  The route goes through a neighborhood with traffic, morning exercisers, and cars to run around.  It is very low key!

I started pretty close to the front which was definitely to my benefit.  One of the Team 2:10 ladies is pretty fast and I ran directly behind her for the first mile....7:10.  During the second mile, I felt like our pace was too slow and I passed her.  This was a huge win for me because she is a very experienced runner and fast.  I felt like some of my recent training was paying off and I was pretty happy about this.  Mile two was 7:26. 

By mile three the sun was out in full force and it was hot.  I caught up to a young guy...probably 9 or 10...who liked to chat!  He kept asking me questions which became more and more annoying, but kind of cute at the same time!  He finally stopped talking to me with approximately a half mile to go.  I was getting tired and hot.  I just keep thinking "short, quick strides".  Mile three was 7:19.  I ran the last tenth at a 7:06 pace. 

I have no idea what my official time was and I have not found it posted online anywhere.  My Garmin had me running 3.19 in 23:15.  I knew it would probably be long because of going around cars and similar things.  I was the second female to finish and second in my AG 30-39.  Overall, I finished in 9th place.

I have to say that I love small races.  I love indoor toilets.  I love the low key atmosphere.  I love doing well and feeling rewarded for my hard work.  I am never going to win.  I will never be the fastest.  So, running a small event does reward my hard work.  It is good for my confidence.  And, I met my goal.  My miles were fairly close and all under 7:26 (even better than 7:30)!

Today accomplished all I needed.  I know my work is paying off and I am thankful for this.  I have four weeks until the half.  I can do this!


  1. You did awesome! Congrats on your placement. Ive never even been close to the top 10 - even in small races.

  2. Great job!! Way to execute on your goal. And thanks for sharing - it's inspiring!

  3. Great job!! I am ALL about redemption races! Personally, I don't like to go very long with a bad last race. Plus, a 5K so close to your house- how could you resist?! :-) I hope the rest of your HM training continues to go well!