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Friday, May 25, 2012

Super duper good news!

After waiting most of the day I found out this afternoon that I DO NOT have a hip stress fracture.  I just have bursitis and I will take that thank you very much! 

I was nervous all day.  The waiting of course played games with my mind.  My house benefited from my nervous energy...clothes washed, folded, and put away, floors swept and mopped, and an errand to Target completed.  All that occurred before I went to get my hair cut and colored.

Hearing the news that the MRI was clean felt like a weight was being lifted off of me.  I was so relieved and thankful!  A true answer to all my prayers since this running nightmare began.

Now, I can run!  I have to take it easy and finish my steroids.  If I have continued pain, there are other options.  That is for later and hopefully never.  I am just so freaking HAPPY!

I am going for a test run tomorrow morning.  Nice and slow before it gets to horribly hot and I cannot wait.  Laying out my running clothing was a great feeling!

And, to make today more fun, we celebrated the end of school even though it is not officially over until next Thursday.  To celebrate we had a "kid's pick" dinner.  Each child drew either vegetable, fruit, main dish, and dessert.  He/she then picked the food for that category.  Emma had main dish and picked shock there!  Samuel picked vegetables and he opted for corn on the cob and brussel sprouts....strange combo!  Elena had fruit and I picked her favorite...blueberries.  Jonah selected dessert and he made a ice cream sandwich cake.

It was all so yummy and fun, which is the best part.  Making memories....

Hawaiian slow cooker ribs!

Ice cream sandwich then cool whip then crushed candy and repeat!


  1. I already said it, but will say it again... yay!!! so glad for good news for you. Take it easy and recover well. You'll be back to 100% in no time!

  2. GREAT news! What a yummy dinner too... You take such great pics!