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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The hip report

I really wish this was going to a very "hip" report, but it actually is about my hip.  My right hip to be exact.  That pain in my hip that won't go away.  That hip that is now the cause of many tears.

My right hip has always been tight.  I have occasional IT band issues on that side.  That is under control.  My right hip hurt until I feel in February.  Then all was good despite not falling on it.  Weird!

About a month ago or maybe longer...I forget at this right hip started to bother me.  It hurt off and on, but I could still run.  I stretched and rolled it more.  All seemed good until last Thursday.  It hurt so badly during my run that I called it quits and came home.  Today I went to the doctor.

I wish I had good news to report, but at this point I am having trouble seeing any positives.  Hence the many tears.  I either have a stress fracture or bursitis.  I am so hoping it is bursitis.

The x-ray of my hip did show a line on the ball of my femur.  That line could be a stress fracture.  That line could also be a growth plate line.   No, I am not growing; however, it could be a permanent line that just stayed there from when I was growing.  Actually, the line would have formed during a significant illness that required all my bodies energy to fight...fight illness and no growing and thus the line remains.  I did have such an illness so it is a possibility for me.

If it is bursitis, I take steroids for six days and rest.  I then take a prescription NSAID as needed and it should all be good.  See, that is why I want it to be bursitis.

I will have a MRI on Thursday morning.  I will know by Friday late morning if I have a stress fracture.  If it is a stress fracture, no running for at least six weeks.  Six weeks!!!!!  Those two words are the cause of many tears.

Now I just have to put it all in perspective.  But, that is for another day.  Today I am sad and that is just that.  Tomorrow is the day for the "big picture".


  1. I'm so sorry Kortni! How frustrating for you. I know you'll bounce back from this - whatever the diagnosis ends up being. Will say some extra prayers.

  2. It is ok to be sad, I understand that (from someone who was on complete bed rest with a fracture for 8 weeks). It seems horrible now, but if you do have to take the time off then you know someone is calling you to focus on something else. I learned SO MUCH about myself having to rest for so long. Having said all that, I hope it's just bursitis. xoxoxo to you!

  3. Sorry to hear it from you. I know how pain it is, just put in your mind that God is always there for you and keep on striving. I know you can do it.